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NEW CONTENT - Double Knife System


 Product Description

The latest training DVD  from Tuhon Tim Waid Double Knife System now available!


This instructional training DVD is the first of the Advanced Weapon Systems of the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia System. The Double Knife System is not only the most practical, effective, and advantageous employment of everyday carry Weaponry (with the exception of firearms) for the individual, it is simultaneously the precise foundation for both the Striking Mechanics and Tactics of Empty-Hands Combat within True Filipino Martial Art – striking with the Slap, Forearm Hack, Elbow, and Fingertip Jab, along with striking and attacking with all other natural weapons of the human body. Use of the Fist for striking is a modern addition to Philippine Martial Arts, adopted from the primarily sport contest of Boxing through Spanish and American influence.

Instruction includes the complete Striking and Attacking Forms for Double Knife Thrusting, Slashing, and Jabbing for the SAFE and COMBAT EFFECTIVE manipulation of Two Short Knife Live Blades. Bridging Attacks are then instructed with Footwork Movement and Maneuvering that results in Full Upper and Lower Body Ambidexterity according to the complete range of functionally correct human body mechanics and correct tactical geometry of movement and manipulation. The Double Knife System develops both gross and fine motor physical skills with the attributes of Speed, Timing, Power, Precision, Accuracy, and Sensitivity. Instruction concludes with the True and Correct Combat Training Methods of Distance Sparring, Combat Drills of Attacks and Counter-Attacks, and Full-Contact Sparring. This DVD provides clear and concise instruction for Individual training, development, and proficiency through static Double Knife Attack Forms, Attack Forms with Tactical Footwork, followed by Combat Drills and Progressive Sparring with a Training Partner.


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